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Cover art and tracklist for Gero’s album Gourmet is released! All tracks are original. The tracklist is as listed (romanized);

  1. Opening
  2. The Bandits (The Six Little Bandits)
    Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement: Gom 
  3. Monsuta [Monster]
    Lyrics, Composition, Arragement: TPOCKET 
  4. Shayou
    Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement: UtsuP
  5. Mokyu Mokyu
    Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement: Takkyuu Shounen 
  6. Ai
    Lyrics, Composition: minato ・ Arrangement: FAITH-T
  7. Monokurōmu [Monochrome]
    Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement: Suzuki Yoshihiro 
  8. Teokure no Rabusongu
    Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement: Nio 
  9. Raku ni Naremasuka 
    Lyrics: yonji ・ Composition, Arrangement: Nimura Manabu (also Jimi Samurai)
  10. Mokyu Mokyu 2
  11. Hetarabu 
    Lyrics, Composition: that ・ Arrangement: Reruriri
  12. Nagoya no Debu
    Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement: Nashimoto Ui 
    Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement: Nem 
  14. Mokyu Mokyu 3
  15. BRAVE
    Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement: Desu Ohagi (MatsutouyaP)  
  16. Love-Letter
    Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement: papiyon 
  17. Sora no Aosa to Omoiagari 
    Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement: Furukawa/Fullkawa Honpo (FurukawaP) 
  18. Ending

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I have an idea of what the songs in kanji translate over to in English, but I’m not too sure about the romanization of Shayou and Hetarabu… (it could be Heta Rabu, etc.) If there are any mistake, please point them out!

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    So there’s a 19th track! 赤と黒のスタンダール (Stendhal’s Red and Black). Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement by Don McCow I believe?...
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